Local Causes

Tree of Hope children’s charity

Alastair’s passion for local causes and helping those in need led him to become a Trustee of The Tree of Hope in 2008 and subsequently Chairman for 2 years from August 2012. In these roles he brought his experience of management and leadership to help the charity make key decisions with its growth into a national charity.

The Tree of Hope is a UK charity that offers hope to the families of seriously ill and disabled children in the UK who need specialist medical surgery, treatment and therapy in order to free them from suffering.

Bexhill Motor Racing Heritage Trail

Alastair worked with Bexhill Chamber of Commerce and the Society of Bexhill Museums to help fund and produce the Bexhill Motor Racing Heritage Trail in 2012. Five full-colour display boards appear in places around the town to commemorate Bexhill’s place in history as the Birthplace of British Motor Racing.

Motor Racing Heritage Trail

Local charities

As someone who has always looked to promote the welfare of others, Alastair has donated money to a number of local charities. In 2016, as a parting goodbye to living in Bexhill, he generously presented cheques to the locally based Charity For Kids and Mallydams Wood RSPCA centre.

Alastair Presenting Charity Cheques

Discover Bexhill

Discover Bexhill Screenshot

Alastair moved to Bexhill with his family when he was three years old. His love and pride for his home town grew through the endeavours of his father, Brian Hazell, an estate agent by trade. It was Brian’s vision to celebrate Bexhill’s motoring history that subsequently brought the town its greatest event – the Bexhill 100 Festival of Motoring – and gave Bexhill its rightful title as the Birthplace of British Motor Racing.

In 2003, Alastair decided to utilise his growing internet and business skills to continue the legacy of his father, and so created Discover Bexhill. At its height, Discover Bexhill attracted 70,000 monthly visitors and generated hundreds of monthly accommodation bookings. In addition to providing an invaluable lifeline for Bexhill’s struggling tourism economy, Discover Bexhill also allowed Alastair to feature a platform for his father’s incredible photographs of Bexhill.

Bexhill Colonnade With English Flag

Not only did Discover Bexhill achieve the goals Alastair set out for it, but it surpassed them. Furthermore, it was through Discover Bexhill that Alastair chose to personally make sizeable contributions towards financing Bexhill events including the Bexhill Roaring 20s and Bexhill Festival of the Sea and projects such as the Bexhill Motoring Heritage Trail.